Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mark & Kjersti: Engagements

Kjersti is Cami's cousin, her and Mark are getting married in August and we couldn't be more happy for them. They are so cute together and compliment eachother so well. We had so much fun taking their pictures and are so glad we get to be a part of their big day.

Chris & Lindsay: Wedding day

Chris and Lindsay are such a cute couple, we loved being such a big part of their wedding and got some great shots. The Salt Lake Temple is so pretty, especially in the spring. You could tell that this couple was deeply in love, and they are so fun to be around. Thanks Chris & Lindsay!

JD & Andrea: Couple Pictures

Andrea and JD have known Cami for a long time and asked us if we would take some pictures. We were so excited, they are such a cute couple and together they are perfect!

Ashla: Bridals

Ashla was a friend of Cami's from highschool, she asked us to take her pictures. It was fun taking pictures and great to catch up again.

Brittany: Senior Pictures

A friend that worked at Kiddie Kandids with Cami asked us to take pictures of her daughter, because she was graduating. She is such a pretty girl, and we had a wonderful time shooting her.

Aaron & Chelsea: Couple Pictures

Aaron and Chelsea are actually our cousins, they are such a cute couple and are so photogenic. We decided to take some pictures just for fun one night and had a great time!

Lindsay: Bridals

This is just sneak peak for Lindsay, because she doesn't want Chris seeing her dress. (Luckily he doens't know our blog address) it was such a sunny day, and got me excited for the summer.

Crystal & Shandelle: Senior Pictures

Travis met Crystal when he lived in Missouri and was just starting to take pictures and has loved taking pictures of ever since. These girls are sisters and are both gorgeous! Shandelle was taking senior pictures, and we took pictures of Crystal for fun. And, a few of them together for sister pictures! They made a perfect night, full of laughs.

Sariah & Chardin: Couple Pictures

Sariah is Trav's sister so we thought it'd be fun to take a few pictures of her and her boyfriend. We went to downtown Salt Lake City and had a lot of fun.

Chris & Lindsay: Engagements

Chris and Lindsay are such a cute couple, you can tell that they truly are in love! We had so much fun taking pictures of them, and are so glad to be such a big part in their special day.

Cammi & Logan: Family Pictures

Cammi is a friend of Cami's and asked us to take pictures of her cute little boy, who was turning one. We had such a fun time getting pictures of him, and Cammi. What a cute little stud!

Sarah: Bridals

Sarah is a great friend of Cami's and was nice enough to let us practice taking bridals on her. She was a beautiful bride, and we had an excellent time taking her pictures.

Zach & Lindsay: Family Pictures

Lindsay has been a friend of Cami's for quite some time now, She just had her first baby girl and asked us to take pictures of their family. We had a great time shooting such a new baby, and Lindsay and Zach were fun too!