Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Cameron Family

This is our last sneak peak for the night, then we'll be off to celebrate the busyness of the season. We had such a fun time with the Cameron family, I definitely got my work out trying to make my little nieces and nephew smile. It was such a cold day, but it's so pretty outside it's hard to resist the temptation of the beautiful winter weather. We love being this busy, so spread the word! Thanks again Michelle, your family is gorgeous!


  1. beautiful family- love their clothing choice. great job guys!

    ps... thanks for the popcorn ball! yum yum! im eating it right this very minute. (1:21 am... and i may just finish the whole thing. lol)

    merry christmas!!

  2. oh jen you are way too nice. you're a night owl though, i don't know how you do it! :) i'm glad we got the right house, trav was sure it was yours by the wreath. lol. i was too confused by all the buildings. oh boy. merry christmas!